Thursday, October 25, 2007


As this blog is an English class project, through reading my classmates’ blogs, I have found some of them contain relevant information pertaining to my current issue of stem cell research. One fellow classmate is also examining the issue of stem cell research. Mike brings up some similar topics such as federal funding, embryonic vs. adult stem cell usage, and also a very interesting recent post about cloning.
This issue of stem cell research is very closely linked to the issue of abortion. Whether or not a person is in agreement with embryonic stem cell research is highly dependant upon their view of when an embryo is considered a human, the moment of conception or anywhere up to birth. This same question is relevant in the abortion debate: when life begins, whether abortion is ethical or is killing an innocent human being. Two fellow classmates’ blogs discuss the topic of abortion; both touching on the topics of when life begins and legalizing abortion, along with the pros and cons of the matter. Hotshot’s blog contains an interesting illustration on the debate of when life begins for a human from different viewpoints, which emphasizes the various opinions of the public. KGoods discusses the church’s viewpoint on the issue of abortion stating the church opposes it and believes abortion is a “grave evil.” This supports the viewpoint of the church and Pope on my issue where the church is also against and believes embryonic stem cell research “violates the dignity of human life.”


Elizabeth said...

I think that both stem cell research and abortion can be a good thing. Your blog has given things to think about that I didn't before. I'm glad that you have brought them up.

trailrunner89 said...

Yes, the issue of embryonic stem cell research can be linked to the issue of abortion on many levels. Both issues bring up similar ethical issues, such as the question of when an embryo is considered a human being. Being able to link my topic to other classmates' topics allows my readers to see how large of an issue stem cell research is. It allows them to broaden their understanding and gain knowledge of the topic from different viewpoints in order to develop a well educated opinion on the issue at hand.

kyorkster08 said...

i believe that abortion is linked to embryonic stem cell research. i do not believe in abortion. it is just horrible to kill something that will one day probably be watching over you. i just feel like it is not morally right. i mean some people cant even have children but yet people are out there killing their future babies. i believe that once a baby is conceived then it is considered a human being. yes it might not have all of the qualities but they are forming. you could relate it kind of toward making of a nw country i mean if the british had not let settlers come over here then where would our country be now? stem cell is so close to this because it takes the life of a human but to some extent i could see the good side of it. if it truly will provide a cure for alzheimers and parkinsons disease then ok but how much we will have to sacrifice to get there?